Implementation of an AI/ML CoE

Use Case Description

In 2020, FDIC conducted a study on the health and effective use of AI/ML technology and solutions within the Corporation. The study findings were to establish an AI/ML Center of Excellence (CoE) with clear strategic priorities grounded in workstream activities. To that end, five workstreams were created in 2021 to further the progress of the AI/ML CoE within FDIC; (1) AI Use Case Inventory, (2) AI/ML Service Processes, (3) AI Technology Landscape, (4) AI Proofs of Concept, and (5) AI Training and Outreach. In conducting an initial review of the processes within FDIC, Proveo was able to determine that there were few AI/ML training resources available to help employees to learn more about emerging technology. There was an inability to implement automated AI/ML solutions at a fast pace; and there was a lack of communication to the divisions related to AI/ML technologies.

Proveo was able to successfully establish an AI/ML Center of Excellence (CoE) at FDIC to enhance AI/ML outreach within the agency. We created a SharePoint website, with communication portal and a centralized repository that captures all AI/ML related work being completed within the agency. On the website, FDIC employees can locate AI/ML empirical resources, see practical examples of how AI/ML is being implemented within the agency, search through the “use case” library where all initiatives are documented, they can view published newsletters, documents, and search for available trainings. Exposure to all of the AI/ML work being done will help to promote better knowledge sharing and drive AI/ML adoption within FDIC. Continuous communication about AI/ML industry standards will help to institutionalize the importance of this emerging area and progress the effort at a more rapid pace. Lastly, FDIC will have the added benefit of more engaged and knowledge-driven employees who understand the importance of AI/ML technologies and the benefits of intelligently automating processes within FDIC, which will help move the agency toward full-scale automation.

Services Provided:

  • AI/ML
  • Project Management

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