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Embark on the journey of AI-driven innovation with us. Specializing in cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions, we propel government agencies and commercial organizations into the future. Experience transformational growth and efficiency with our AI expertise at your service.

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Championing critical missions for the United States both domestically and on the global front, we at Proveo stand at the forefront of IT innovation, offering an unparalleled blend of modernization, cybersecurity, engineering, and support services. Since our inception in 2019, our commitment has been unwavering: to serve as a beacon of progress and reliability for U.S. government agencies and leading commercial entities.

As architects of change, we specialize in sculpting bespoke solutions tailored to the intricate frameworks and exigent demands of the defense, intelligence, homeland security, health, space, and commercial sectors. Our ethos is rooted in partnership and precision; we integrate closely with our clients, navigating complex challenges with practical, timely, and value-driven solutions. At Proveo, we don't just respond to the call of duty – we anticipate it, ensuring our partners are always one step ahead.

What do we do

From custom software development to automation services, artificial intelligence, cloud solutions, and beyond, we’re not just delivering services; we’re engineering the future. Dive into our array of offerings and discover how we turn possibilities into realities.


Transforming federal operations with AI-driven insights, strategy, and compliance.


Streamline federal processes with powerful, secure applications built fast and efficiently.

Cloud Services

Navigate your cloud journey with confidence, leveraging our custom solutions for federal excellence.

Data Management

Transform data chaos into strategic assets with advanced data management solutions.

Automation Solutions

Drive operational excellence with custom automation solutions that cater to the unique needs of federal agencies.

Software Development

Empowering federal operations with secure, custom software solutions.

Data Analytics

Drive mission-critical decisions with tailored data analytics, from custom dashboards to PowerBI and Tableau integrations

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